How do you brand and market a luxury line of e-cigarettes to a virgin market?

SHIQUE London are growing into a household name in West Africa now, but when they approached us, they were little more than a concept...

ATC Solution

Market Reserach
We conducted market research to hep establish exploitable market gaps.
Brand Design
We created the brand design in line with the results from research, carefully drafting a brand to fulfil the brief of appealing to high end consumers and retailers.
Product & Package Design
We fully developed packaging and customised die-lines directly working with manufacturers to produce a high end finish, including foil finishing, and partial UV.
Digital & Print Marketing
We developed a marketing campaign and promotional products for retailers, including the developement of a full body of corporate identity documents. This included marketing brochures, menus, business cards and letterheads.
Ecommerce Development
We developed a fully responsive e-commerce website so the company could both market and sell their products online.

Product and Package Design

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