The new SEO favours creative teams

Search Engine Optimisation has changed... almost irrevocably.  The years of link-spamming teams of unskilled hack minions crashing innocent blogs with spammy messages in order to get more traffic to non-related sites are officially over.  Google (et. al) won't only ignore these kind of horrid black hat techniques, but they will penalise and blacklist websites that have used them, and rightly so... that kind of thing is exactly what 'breaks' the Internet and ruins user experience.  Conversely, talented content creators, have now risen to the apex, like froth on the proverbial cappuccino we call SEO, and good content is rewarded, heavily!  As such, you need to be able to create content that people actually WANT to share, like and ultimately proliferate on the web.  This cool infographic really effectively puts into simply chunks what SEO is all about now, and, as this post suggest, the content was so good, we just had to share it!  Enjoy.

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